Pathway 2: Life Course, Psychology & Health (LCPH)

Pathway Leads:

Dr Ted Barker, King’s College London

Dr Sania Shakoor, Queen Mary University

Dr Ruth Taylor, Queen Mary University

Dr Georgina Hosang, Queen Mary University

Prof Marjo-Riitta Jarvelin, Imperial College

Student Pathway Representatives: Mebh Conneely McInerney:  &
Arianna Rotulo:

Pathway Mailing list:

The Life Course, Psychology, & Health (LCPH) thematic pathway is concerned with the application of social science concepts and methods to the generation of knowledge about the determinants of health and behavioural outcomes that can directly inform health and social policy at a time of rapid change globally (e.g. aging populations, exponential growth of urban and migrant populations, and uneven economic growth and inequality). Training within this pathway will equip the next generation of researchers with the interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to investigate the emergence, development, and population impact of health and behavioural outcomes. Such research will inform strategies to reduce social and health inequalities throughout the life-course.

There are four training sub-pathways:

A. Social Contexts, Change, & Population Health/Behaviour: focused on society/area level characteristics (e.g. pollution, inequality, urbanicity, migration, culture, and ethnicity) and the distribution of health/behaviour outcomes in populations; related programmes of research include: international studies of the impact of urbanisation, migration, and developmental trauma on adult health and behavioural outcomes, many using advanced and novel methods and statistical approaches to model, for example, geospatial influences.

King’s College London

MSc Mental Health Studies

MSc Global Mental Health

Queen Mary University of London

MRes Cultural and Global Perspectives in Mental Health Care

Imperial College

MPH Public Health/Global Health Stream

B. Social Development, Psychology, & Health/Behaviour: focused on socio-environmental factors and health/behaviour over the course of development and on psychological mediators.

King’s College London

MSc Mental Health Studies

Queen Mary University of London

MRes Mental Health: Psychological Therapies

C. Bio-Psycho-Social Interactions & Health/Behaviour: focused on the interplay between the social, the psychological, and the biological in the occurrence and persistence of poor health/behaviour outcomes; related programmes of research include: twin, birth, and other cohort studies of social development, behaviour, and health over the life course.

+3 only training sub-Pathway

D. Ageing & Health/Behaviour: focused on social and policy aspects of ageing and health/behaviour,including: ageing policy, health and healthcare; ageing policy & family life; and global ageing; related research programmes include: Inter-disciplinary studies of ageing and society, including the implications of longer working lives for health, understanding the long-term health impacts of social policies using longitudinal survey and registry data, and the demography of care.

King’s College London

MSc Gerontology & Ageing