RA1: Global Health Innovation

RA1 Leads: Prof. S. Harding (KCL); Prof. M.R. Jarvelin (ICL); Dr G. Russo (QMUL)

Focused on the complexity of population health and health systems at various levels of maturity across the globe. Topics include: the determinants of health and behavioural outcomes; health inequalities; effective, efficient, and sustainable health interventions in response to multidimensional crises; global and local markets for healthcare services; and reforming health systems and policies for universal health coverage.
Initial research themes:

  • Physical and mental health over the life course
  • Complex health interventions and health inequalities
  • Environment, geopolitics, and health
  • Health informatics and digital health
  • Global health markets and systems

RA2: Business Analytics, Management, and Applied Economics

RA2 Leads: Dr D. Chilosi (KCL); Dr P. Demirel (ICL); Dr G. Demirel (QMUL)

Focused on social and economic processes in different types of organisations across industrial sectors, geographical regions, and over time. Topics include: international business and trade; global value chains; digital transformation; knowledge creation and diffusion; the work environment; social capital; and the entrepreneurial process.
Initial research themes:

  • Strategy, analytics, and operations
  • Globalisation, work, and development
  • Social, economic, and financial networks
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation

RA3: Language, Culture, and Education

RA3 Leads: Prof. A. Georgakopoulou-Nunes (KCL); Dr Camille Kandiko Howson (ICL); Dr S.Holmes-Elliot (QMUL)

Focused on creative and cultural production, and the connections of language and discourse with the constitution of socio-cultural and political realities and identities. Topics include: global and local education policy; the use of language; the role of language and discourse in institutions, media, and everyday settings; and pedagogy and assessment.
Initial research themes:

  • Language, mind, society, and cognition
  • (Socio)linguistics, discourse, media, and culture
  • Education, policy, and society
  • STEM education

RA4: Environment and Sustainability

RA4 Leads: Dr Z. Shabrina (KCL); Dr A. Sivakumar (ICL); Dr G. von Graevenitz (QMUL)

Focused on ecological systems and their interactions with the built environment, human geography, policies, institutions, and practices. Topics include: urban politics; political ecology; struggles over
environmental resources; technologies and policies for sustainable environmental management; biodiversity protection; and climate change.
Initial research themes:

  • Environmental analytics and engineering
  • Evaluation of climate risk, innovations, and policies
  • Urbanisation, social change, and urban transformation
  • Political ecology, energy, and environmental health

RA5: Global Order and Security

RA5 Leads: Dr J. Marshall (KCL); Dr William Proud (ICL) ; Dr S. Plonski (QMUL)

Focused on the changing global security landscape and the role of global and local responses in development, health, and security. Topics include: security discourses and practices; ethics of global order; global development and human rights; origins and dynamics of regional conflicts; and smuggling and crime across global landscapes.
Initial research themes:

  • International development and global politics
  • Global (dis)order, violence, and (in)security
  • Strategic, regional, and critical security studies
  • Data-driven criminology and police governance

RA6: Public Policy and Governance

RA6 Leads: Prof. M. Sanders (KCL); Dr N. Van Zalk (ICL); Dr A. Elliot-Cooper

Focused on how government and the public sector work, and how public services can be improved. Topics include: ways in which impact is measured; the ethics and practicalities of machine learning in policy; behavioural public policy design; global perspectives on government’s influence on behaviour; and the use of predictive analytics and large administrative datasets to assess likely outcomes of public interventions.
Initial research themes:

  • Policy development and evaluation
  • Machine learning and social data analytics for government
  • Behavioural science, behaviour change, and public policy