Registration for our Spring Term 2024 training programme will open on Tuesday 12th December 2023.

The LISS DTP offers a rich and varied ‘menu’ of training and development opportunities, delivered through its Training Programme and through events organised by the DTP and its students. You should also take advantage of the many opportunities provided by other organisations:  both these and LISS DTP events are advertised on our Events page.

On this page you will find information and guidance on the training we offer, such as reading groups led by students and/or academics and short courses, spanning areas such as:

  • Social theory & epistemology
  • Quantitative methods
  • Qualitative methods
  • Digital methods & archival research
  • Knowledge transfer & co-generation methodologies
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LISS DTP Core and Advanced Methods in Social Sciences

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LISS DTP Writing Skills Programme

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LISS Core and Advanced Methods in Social Sciences

Core Training
It is recommended that all first year doctoral students affiliated with LISS DTP undertake any core research methods training listed below that they have not covered during their Masters degrees.

LISS001 Research Design & Project Evaluation
LISS002 Reviewing the Literature
LISS003 Philosophy of the Social Sciences
LISS004 Introduction to Qualitative Research
LISS005 Introduction to Quantitative Research
LISS006 Introduction to Mixed Methods Research

Advanced Training
The advanced methods programme is made up of short courses, workshops, seminars and reading groups led by researchers from across our three partner institutions and external experts. It’s organised into the following platforms: Knowledge Exchange & Co-generation, Digital & Archival Research Methods, Social Theory & Epistemology, Advanced Qualitative Methods and Advanced Quantitative Methods. We are constantly developing new courses, so please check this page regularly for new additions. Please scroll down and click on a term to view available courses and outlines. 

LISS Core and Advanced Methods Courses available to book via SkillsForge

LISS Writing Skills

We offer a bespoke writing skills programme for LISS researchers featuring specialised workshops, writing retreats and opportunities for individualised support and feedback from our writing professionals . 

Spring term 2024 registration will open on Tuesday 12th December 2023.

LISS Writing Skills Courses available to book via SkillsForge: click to log in and register

Questions? Visit our Training FAQ here: Frequently Asked Questions – LISS DTP (

Autumn term courses (please follow the links for the course description)

Spring term courses (please follow the links for the course description)

Imperial Business School Research Methods

Imperial College Business School has made modules on its Masters in Research (MRes) Programme available to all LISS DTP students on an audit basis.  You may be particularly interested in the Research Design and Qualitative Methods modules.  For further information about available modules, please see the following page: The Business School Master’s in Research (MRes)

If you would like to register, please contact Nicola Hann ( Senior Programme Manager, Doctoral Programme at Imperial College.  Please note that attendance is subject to the agreement of the module leader.

NOTE: Some modules may have prerequisites (for example, the Research Design module requires knowledge of Stata).

Impact by Design – The Policy Institute, KCL

The Policy Institute at King’s College offers an online course, ‘Impact by Design’, which is designed to help people achieve impact with their research.

The course consists of two parts and is available to all LISS students via Keats.  You will need to login with your k number.

Note: This is a self-guided online course that you can enrol on at any time. 

How to Register

Please visit Impact by Design web page for full details.

ESRC NCRM Training

LISS DTP students can access the extensive range of short courses run by the ESRC’s National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM).  NCRM courses are available to LISS DTP students at a reduced rate of around £30; the course fee can be funded through the Research Training Support Grant.

Training Offered by other DTPs

Most events organised by the London Arts and Humanities Partnership – (a Doctoral Training Partnership) – are also open to LISS DTP students.

ESRC funded students may also be able to attend courses provided by other ESRC DTPs, subject to availability.