LISS DTP delivers much of its training through 13 Pathways, covering five broad strategic research areas: (1) health, well-being and social inclusion; (2) economics and business; (3)

credit: Robert J. Heath

language, culture and education; (4) the environment and urban life; and (5) security and governance.  Pathways are a means for students to engage with others researching in similar disciplinary areas. Each Pathway has both academic leads and student representatives, and organises training and development activities funded by LISS DTP.  If you are interested in becoming a Pathway Lead or Student Representative, please contact us. 

You can click on each Pathway in the table below for more details and to see the Masters courses in the Pathway which meet the ESRC’s Core Training Requirements.  These are the Masters programmes that LISS DTP recommends for students applying for a 1+3 studentship. 

There is also an alphabetical list of courses on the Approved Masters Course page.

Strategic research areas   Pathways Abbreviations
Health, Well-being and Social Inclusion 1 Health Practices, Innovation & Implementation HPII
2 Life Course, Psychology, & Health LCPH
3 Health, Biopolitics & Social Inequality HBSI
Economics and Business 4 Economics, Finance & the World Economy EFWE
5 Work, Organisations & Business Management WOBM
Language Culture and Education 6 Education, Mind & Society EMS
7 Linguistics, Media & Culture LMC
The Environment and Urban Life 8 Urbanisation, Social Change & Urban Transformation USCT
9 Political Ecology, Energy & Environmental Health PEEH
Security and Governance 10 International Development, Conflict & Human Security IDHS
11 Global Order, Violence & Security Practice GOVS
12 Strategic, Regional, & Security Studies SRSS
13 Politics, Public Policy & Governance PPPG