Thematic Pathways

The London Interdisciplinary Social Science DTP’s training is delivered through 13 Thematic Pathways, covering five broad strategic research areas: (1) health, well-being and social inclusion; (2) economics and business; (3) language, culture and education; (4) the environment and urban life; and (5) security and governance.

Our 13 thematic pathways are all linked to the ESRC’s priorities, and they take forward strategies for developing robust social science training across a heterogeneous, interdisciplinary terrain.  You can click on each Pathway in the table below for more details.

Strategic research areas   Pathways Abbreviations
Health, Well-being and Social Inclusion 1 Health Practices, Innovation & Implementation HPII
2 Life Course, Psychology, & Health LCPH
3 Health, Biopolitics & Social Inequality HBSI
Economics and Business 4 Economics, Finance & the World Economy EFWE
5 Work, Organisations & Business Management WOBM
Language Culture and Education 6 Education, Mind & Society EMS
7 Linguistics, Media & Culture LMC
The Environment and Urban Life 8 Urbanisation, Social Change & Urban Transformation USCT
9 Political Ecology, Energy & Environmental Health PEEH
Security and Governance 10 International Development, Conflict & Human Security IDHS
11 Global Order, Violence & Security Practice GOVS
12 Strategic, Regional, & Security Studies SRSS
13 Politics, Public Policy & Governance PPPG