Pathway lead information

Pathway lead information

(This Pathway structure applies to cohorts that started 2017/18 to 2023/24)


LISS DTP has 13 Pathways grouped into five broader discipline areas. Pathways provide a discipline-based grouping for students, and have a significant role in training provision and the studentship selection process. A list of the Pathways, their Leaders and student representatives and contact details can be found here:

LISS-DTP Pathways Structure and Leadership 2023


Role of the Pathway Lead

Each institution with an interest in a Pathway provides a Pathway Lead. Pathway Leads should:

  • create an identity for the Pathway by welcoming students and organising training events and meetings.  A budget of £5000 per annum is provided for this – see below.
  • Advise LISS DTP on discipline-specific issues  around training provision and recruitment
  • Participate in selection panels for studentship competitions
  • Participate is shared Pathway representative attendance at the LISS Core Management Group

Each Pathway has student representatives, usually recruited at the first meeting of the academic year, who can support the Pathway Lead.

Pathway Lead
Pathway Funding

Pathway Funding

LISS DTP provides each Pathway with at least £5,000 p/a to deliver development activities that are open to both LISS-funded and non-funded doctoral students at all three LISS institutions. Each Pathway should organise at least one careers/employability event each year. Activities can take a variety of form including, but not limited to, workshops, guest lectures, reading groups or retreats. To access funds, complete the Pathway Funding Request Form (below).  Requests are reviewed quarterly on the first working Monday of January, April, June and October. Decisions will take up to 2 weeks after this deadline. LISS DTP reserves the right to limit reviewing out-of-cycle requests, Pathways students should plan appropriately and submit their application for funding within the quarterly review periods. Note that we can only release funds if all the Pathway Leaders within a pathway agree to the arrangement- please discuss this amongst yourselves, and then complete the form on behalf of the pathway. Please contact LISS DTP in advance to discuss plans if you are unsure.

To complete your Pathway Funding Request Form, please click here

Email lists for students and staff affiliated to pathways

These email lists allow you to communicate directly with your students to request training and event ideas and advertise existing events at your institutions in which your students may be interested. Each list goes to between 35-90 affiliated students across the three partner institutions. Pathway Leads can subscribe to these lists to message to them directly or can contact the pathway student reps to distribute messages to these lists.

LISS Pathway Leads Emails

We also have created a mailing list for pathway leads:

Pathway email list