ADR UK PHD Studentships Using Linked Administrative Data


The LISS DTP is recruiting to two PhD studentship positions available for candidates focused on quantitative research using linked administrative data supported by ADR UK. Details about each project are detailed below, please view each project listing for further information about the research project, supervision, and details/deadline on how to apply.

Project 1: Education and social care predictors of female offending trajectories: A UK administrative data linkage study.

Project 2:Using administrative data to understand the impact of policies and practices on youth employment. 

How to Apply for an ADR UK PHD Studentship Using Linked Administrative Data 

Applicants applying to these positions must meet the ESRC eligibility guidelines in terms of residency and academic qualifications, specifically core social science research methods training that must already have been undertaken (for +3 awards). Please refer to the project listings for details on how to apply. 

LISS DTP studentships are now open to both Home and International students.  You must however be aware of the definitions of each category and their funding implications, please refer to the ‘Funding Eligibility for LISS DTP Studentship’ guidance for more information Please note that the total number of international studentships a DTP is able to offer has been capped by UKRI at 30% of the total number of studentships awarded each year, and so studentships for international students will be limited in number and competitive. 

Studentship Details 

  • Both studentships are available on a full-time or part-time basis 
  • Both studentships are available as a +3 PhD Studentship only 
  • Stipend: full-time students receive a stipend of £19, 668 per annum plus an additional enhanced stipend of £1,000 per annum 
  • Tuition fees: at the UKRI Home Fee Rate of £4, 596 (2022 – 2023) 
  • Both studentships are eligible for a 3-month funded extension to undertake a placement (see below) 
  • Students are also available to apply for additional funding research costs available to all LISS DTP students, see Current students – LISS DTP ( for further information. 

Additional Information 

LISS DTP: the two successful applicants will be part of the LISS DTP student community, and will be subject to the ESRC terms and conditions as all LISS DTP studentship holders. 

Placements: funding is provided to allow ADR UK-funded PhD students to undertake a high-quality placement in academia, policy, business or civil society organisations as part of their training. This offers the practical opportunity to develop transferrable skills and apply research skills in different contexts. Funding for placements will be provided for a maximum 3-month placement (in addition to the +3 Studentship award) and further guidance on placements can be found in the ESRC Postgraduate Training and Development Guidelines 2022. 

ADR UK: As these studentships are awarded as part of ESRC’s Administrative Data Research UK (ADR UK) Programme, funded students are expected to contribute towards the ADR UK vision, goals and objectives as set out in the ADR UK Mission, and will play an important role in the delivery of  the  strategic  objectives  of  the  ADR  UK  Programme.  

In addition, funded students are required to: 

  • participate in a virtual check-in within the first six months of the studentship, and, 
  • submit progress check-in reports on a quarterly basis throughout the studentship using ADR UK templates in addition to the academic progress requirements of the host institution.