Affiliate Students

How to Register

PhD students who are not funded by the ESRC, are using social science methodologies, and are currently enrolled at King’s College London, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) or Imperial College London (ICL) are welcome to complete this registration form to become LISS DTP Affiliate Students (please note that this form will not become available until 1st September 2023). Affiliate Students can keep up to date with LISS DTP pathway activities and gain the most from training courses delivered by the LISS DTP. 

All Affiliate Students will be added to a LISS DTP pathway mailing list, and you can also keep in touch with us via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

You do not need to register via this form if: 

  • Your PhD is funded by the ESRC via LISS DTP from 2017-18 onward – you were automatically registered 
  • You were previously registered as a KISS DTC student – your details were transferred to LISS 
  • You registered as an Affiliate Student with LISS DTP in a previous year – we have kept your information and you will continue to receive training course information and remain on a pathway mailing list 

Students at QMUL or ICL should register to enrol onto LISS training courses via our online course booking system, SkillsForge. Please visit Self Sign Up ( to request your access to SkillsForge. This link will guide you to the web page below: 

Fill in your details and click the “Create account” button to submit your request. We check regularly to approve requests. Once your access is approved, you will be able to log in as an external user to your SkillsForge account and register for LISS courses.

Please note that this form will not open until 1st September 2023