How to Register

If you are new to LISS DTP, registering gives you access to our training courses and monthly e-newsletter from the LISS DTP team with details of upcoming training, news, events, etc. You can view or download a copy of the LISS DTP Handbook 2019-20 now – if you would prefer to receive a physical copy of our handbook, please email the LISS DTP team with your name and address. In addition to the newsletter, you can also keep in touch with us via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

You do not need to register with this form if:

  • Your PhD is funded by the ESRC via LISS DTP from 2017-18 onward – you were automatically registered
  • You were previously registered as a KISS DTC student – your details were transferred to LISS
  • You registered with LISS DTP in a previous year – we have kept your information and you will continue to receive our newsletters and course information