Current students

Current students

These pages explain the key regulations of your studentship and how to access the full range of benefits attached to it. The primary source of information we’ve used to create this document is your funder, the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC)’s Postgraduate Funding Guide:

The ESRC’s guide draws on, and is supplemented by, the UKRI Training Grant Guidance and UKRI Training Grant Terms and Conditions:

Facilitating the timely completion students’ awards/degrees is the responsibility of the LISS DTP team and has implications for the future funding our institutions can receive from the ESRC. We understand that complications and changes in circumstances can arise during your studies. Please get in touch with us as soon as you experience any problems or issues. We will do our best to assist, drawing on support/guidance from staff at the institution where you are a registered student to ensure that you receive information and support.

Most questions should be addressed to, but those relating to payments (stipends, RTSG, OIV etc) and institutional regulations should be directed as given under ‘ LISS DTP Institutional Contacts’ below.

Managing your LISS DTP studentship

Research and event funding

Research and Event Funding

RTSG, Overseas Fieldwork and other Research Funding

Funded Extension Schemes

Funded Extension Schemes

Overseas Institutional Visits, Difficult Language Training & more
Parental and Medical Leave & Disabled Student Allowance

Parental Leave, Medical Leave & Disabled Students Allowance

Information, advice and guidance for students
Interruptions and  Change of Status

Interruptions and Change of Status

Interruption of studies and changes to your studentship
Internships and Employment

Internships and Employment

Including LISS DTP Research Assistant Internships
Pathway Funding & Student-led Events

Pathway Funding & Student-led Events

Apply for funding from the LISS DTP

Studentship FAQ’s

Studentship FAQ’s

Other queries relevant to your studentship

Coronavirus (Covid 19)

Funded Extensions

Funded Extensions

How to apply for a COVID-19 funded studentship extensions



Other Queries relevant to COVID-19 and your LISS DTP Studentship

LISS DTP Institutional Contacts

For Questions, comments, suggestions or notifications regarding:

  • training and events
  • overseas fieldwork, overseas institutional visit, difficult language
  • training, quantitative methods teaching preparation or internship extensions and funding
  • changes in mode, sickness, interruptions
  • ESRC submission deadlines
  • ESRC regulations


For Questions, comments, suggestions or notifications regarding:

  • stipend payments
  • additional payments such as RTSG
  • fee payments extensions and funding
  • training provision by the home institution
  • degree regulations at the home institution

Home institutions handle payments and reimbursements so please contact your relevant administrator.

King’s –
Queen Mary – Angela Kamara,
Imperial – Wendy Gainham,

Our funded students

Each year, LISS DTP welcomes about 50 new funded students, supported by the ESRC and LISS DTP’s partner institutions. These students have their fees covered, receive a stipend and are also eligible for funding to cover additional development and training. LISS DTP is proud of its students, their energy and dedication to their research. It tries to support them in completing their research projects and developing as individuals.