Anna-Theresa Jieman

Thesis title:

Black Women’s Identity and Depression (BWID) Study


Drawing on the framework of intersectionality in general and the Strong Black woman schema, we will investigate how and why gender and race might work together to shape the experience, treatment and outcomes associated with depression among Black women. Through a qualitative evidence synthesis, a cross-sectional survey, focus groups and interviews we will explore whether beliefs and expectations related to identifying as Black and female shape the experience of depression and whether this intersection, in turn, influences treatment and outcomes. Findings will provide important insights into the lived experiences of Black women and help identify barriers to treatment and predictors of poor outcomes. We will be conducting this research with two non-government organisations, Black Thrive (London) and Catalyst 4 Change (Birmingham) and an advisory group.

The advisory group includes:

• Black women with lived experiences of depression x5

• Practitioners that have worked with Black women x3

• Representatives from the collaborating NGOs x2

Social media:

Linkedin: Twitter Personal: @ATJieman

Twitter for the study: @BWID_Study

First supervisor:

Dr Janelle Jones


Pathway 2: Life Course, Psychology & Health