Dulce Alarcon Yaquetto

Thesis title:

The economic and social cost of type 2 diabetes by health inequalities


The prevalence of type 2 diabetes (T2DM) is increasing worldwide. In the UK the cost of the disease is estimated at £14 billion/year, or 10% of the NHS budget. Mostly for the treatment of its complications. While there are many studies of prevalence costs, only a few have studied the rate of progression of health care costs over time and fewer have included the effect of health inequalities such as ethnicity or socioeconomic deprivation in accelerating T2DM costs. Furthermore, the estimate is now outdated. This project will address such issues through 4 studies. 1) A systematic review on the costs of T2DM over time, 2) a systematic review of the effect of health inequalities in the healthcare and societal costs of treating T2DM, 3) A qualitative study to analyse patients’ views of how health inequalities play a role in their out-of-pocket expense, 4) a cost-of-illness study using clinical records of the Lambeth DataNet (LDN) linked with the Clinical Record Interactive Search (CRIS) to assess the costs of treating T2DM since its diagnosis, and calculate the cost trajectory of type 2 diabetes treatment since its diagnosis, compare the healthcare costs of people with only type 2 diagnosis with those with comorbid type 2 diabetes and severe mental illness (SMI) – a known cause and consequence of health inequalities.

First supervisor:

Khalida Ismail


2-Life Course, Psychology, & Health





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