Alicia Peel

Thesis title:

Understanding reported trauma and its association with heterogeneity in depression and anxiety.


The overall aim of this project is to explore reported trauma and its role in the presentation and outcomes of depression and anxiety. The first phase of this project will build on previous research exploring differences in the development, presentation and outcomes of depression and anxiety associated with reported trauma. First, network analysis will be utilised to compare internalising symptom networks in participants who report traumatic events to those who do not. Second, a systematic review and meta-analysis will be conducted to explore associations between reported trauma and treatment outcomes for anxiety disorders. In order to understand the meaning of the associations between reported trauma and heterogeneity in depression and anxiety, the second phase of this research will focus investigating factors that influence reports of trauma. A factor analysis will be carried out to identify categories of related reported traumas. These results will inform exploration of the influences associated with different categories of reported trauma, including genetic influences, and early environmental experiences and psychological, personality and cognitive traits.

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Thalia Eley

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2 – Life Course, Psychology, & Health