Emel Yorganci

Thesis title:

Identifying patterns in healthcare utilisation and inequalities towards the end of life for individuals with dementia


This PhD aims to identify patterns in healthcare access for distinct groups of people with dementia and understand how quality of dementia end of life care could be assessed using existing datasets. By unveiling health service access patterns, and the associated factors, we can identify groups who experience higher disease-related burden and inequalities. A systematic review will be conducted to identify existing population-based quality indicators for the care of frail, elderly and people with dementia who are approaching the end of life. Secondary analysis of routine data will map out patterns of hospital admissions for people with dementia. Subsequently, a larger retrospective cohort study to classify people with dementia who have distinct patterns of health service access over the course of the illness and to examine associated factors with service access will be conducted. Finally, future population burden of health service use by people with dementia will be projected.

First supervisor:

Prof. Katherine Sleeman


Pathway 2: Life Course, Psychology, & Health