Orit Kopel

Thesis title:

In the Face of Ethics: Police Use of Live Facial Recognition Technology


Live Facial Recognition (LFR) is an Artificial Intelligence technology based on mapping the faces of individuals in crowds by using real-time video imagery and extracting their biometric facial features to produce a unique digital signature of identified faces. This data is then matched against facial biometric data from images included in a ‘watchlist’. The increasing police use of LFR raises a wide range of ethical and legal questions relating to potential interference with ethical values and democratic civil liberties, considering the delicate balance between the protection of private rights and the public interest.

The research fits into the broader academic discussion on the ethics of AI. Its objective is to answer the questions: what are the moral standards that apply to the police deployment of LFR? Is the current regulatory framework sufficient to confront all ethical considerations arising from the practice? What are the necessary safeguards to be implemented in order to harness the benefits of current and potential police use of LFR, while protecting ethical standards, human rights and civil liberties?

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/OritKopel

First supervisor:

Jonathan Gingerich


12- Strategic, Regional, & Security Studies