Mohamad El Kari

Thesis title:

Laughing through frustration: to what extent has the October ‘revolution’ in Lebanon shaped a unified national identity/consciousness to create a civil functioning state?


This research aims to study collective action in Lebanon after the 2005 withdrawal of Syrian troops with particular emphasis on the 2019 October ‘revolution’ to underline how Lebanese people are mobilising to undermine the hegemony of the sectarian system in the long struggle to reform it are illustrative of the importance of emotion as a paradigm in social movement theory and cultural expressions of everyday life in contradiction to ideology, which historically has often driven collective action in Lebanon. The purpose of this project is to critically analyse the role of emotions in the transformation of consciousness and behaviour of Lebanese to understand the effect emotion has that either persuade or dissuade people to politically mobilise, and whether protest is changing emotions towards state and authority. Bringing emotional dynamics into the explanation of all aspects of collective action allows us to study the evolution of nationalism in Lebanon and to investigate whether protest and revolution are contributing to a unified national identity.

First supervisor:

Jeroen Gunning


13-Politics, Public Policy & Governance



Social Media: