Jeff Zifan Wu

Thesis title:

Digitisation of life: addressing behavioural shortcomings in agent-based activity-travel models


Participation in activities has become less constrained to physical location and time in the digital era. Such activities as teleworking, distance learning and online shopping are shown to have explicit impacts on activity choices and travel behaviours. For example, people engaged in online shopping will reduced their visits to the brick-and-motor shops over the weekend. However, they will visit the local post office more often in the weekdays during business hours to pick up and/or send back goods shopped online. This research aims to investigate the broad impact of digitisation on urban living and improve the activity modules of the contemporary activity-travel models to accommodate the role and effects of tele-activities. The research project is intended to complement the modern activity-based modelling framework and provide a toolkit for exploring different policy scenarios in the digital era. The research outcome would be of interest to transport planners, policy makers and other social science professionals.

First supervisor:

Aruna Sivakumar


8-Urbanisation, Social Change & Urban Transformation