Bernadett Tildy

Thesis title:

Smoking cessation therapy provision in primary and secondary care in the UK


Smoking prevalence has reduced considerably over the past decades in England, with an estimated prevalence of 14.9% amongst adults in 2017. However, smoking remains one of the leading preventable causes of illness and premature death. The Tobacco Control Plan (TCP) for England (2017-22) highlighted smoking as one of the largest causes of health inequalities as smoking prevalence remains significantly higher in disadvantaged groups, including those with mental health conditions.In the UK, comprehensive tobacco control strategies exist and there are several licensed smoking cessation therapies helping smokers to quit. More recently, unlicensed e-cigarettes have become the most popular cessation aid.My PhD aims to establish how the provision of smoking cessation therapies has changed in the UK in recent years, and to investigate what effect a licensed e-cigarette (a less harmful alternative to smoking) may have on smoking cessation therapy provision and the rate of quitting.

First supervisor:

Ann McNeill


3 – Health, Biopolitics & Social Inequality