Studentship FAQs

Studentship FAQ’s
When is my funding end date and submission date?

The end date of your ESRC award refers to the end of your funded period of study.  Your final submission deadline may be later than your funding end date, if your degree programme allows for unfunded ‘writing-up’ time.  However, the ESRC and LISS DTP advise that you submit your thesis as close to your funding end date as possible, as evidence suggests students often find it very difficult to complete their PhDs whilst unfunded or while holding full-time jobs.

What is ‘Writing up’ time?
The ESRC states that full-time students have a maximum of 12 months unfunded ‘writing-up’ time after your funding end date to submit your thesis, but your institutional/departmental rules may allow less time than this.  Whilst the ESRC guidelines state that part-time students must submit within 24 months of their funding end date, LISS DTP institutions allow part-time students only one year maximum of ‘writing up’. You should always work to the earlier of your deadlines – institutional or ESRC – to ensure that you comply with both ESRC and institutional regulations.

If you have been granted an extension to your award such that your funded PhD period is longer than 3 years full-time (or part-time equivalent) (for example, if you receive a 3-month extension for an overseas institutional visit) then you would only have the balance of your final year (9 months) as unfunded writing up time.

What is the duration of my studentship award?
For 1+3 (Master’s and PhD) students at full-time: 4 years.  (For students who undertake their entire award at part-time status- this would be 8 years, 2 year Masters + 6 year PhD). For +3 students at full-time: 3 years.  (For students who undertake their entire award at part-time status- 6 years).

Students awarded +3 studentships after they have already commenced doctoral studies have the length of funding adjusted, such that they are funded until the end of the 3rd year as a full-time student, or the end of your 6th year as a part-time student.

The dates at which the funded period of your award starts and ends will have been listed in your studentship offer letter, which you should keep for reference.  If you change between part and full-time status or receive extensions or interruptions to your study period, the duration of your award payment period will be adjusted.

What holiday am I entitled to as a LISS DTP student?

Full-time students are allowed up to eight weeks’ holiday (including public holidays) each year as approved by their supervisor.  (Pro-rata calculations should be made for part-time students and periods less than a year).

In case of doubt….
If you have any doubts about your award end date or thesis submission deadline throughout your studies, please contact for clarification.  LISS  DTP is not automatically notified of changes to dates on  internal university systems, so we rely on students keeping us informed so that dates can be aligned.