Susan Nungo

Thesis Title: Evaluating the efficiency of health financing for Universal Health Coverage in LMICs. Case study of Kenya.

Abstract: Universal Health Coverage (UHC) has in the recent past gained popularity at national and multinational level development discussions, with a common aim: to provide financial protection from health-related financial risks. In Low- and Middle-Income countries (LMICs), however, the pursuit for UHC remains non-linear and is characterized by several hindrances, majorly, efficiency challenges. A 2010 WHO report found that up to 40% of health resources in LMICs were wasted through health system inefficiencies. Several studies have highlighted weighty inefficiencies within health systems, including poor execution and absorption of budgets in public facilities, skewed purchasing and payment of healthcare and inefficient management of pooled health funds, among others.

Despite the different strategies and policy reforms developed to mobilize health resources, attainment of UHC goals remains futile if an efficiency assessment is not conducted on the financing mechanisms, and the available resources are not utilized efficiently. Studies involving measuring efficiency of health expenditure at the system-wide level remain rare, especially in LMICs. This mixed methods study therefore aims to evaluate the system -wide efficiency of health financing for UHC attainment in Kenya, and to assess the macro and micro factors that influence efficiency of UHC financing in LMICs.

First Supervisor: Dr Giuliano Russo


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