Sophie Perry

Thesis title:

Can non-formal education programmes increase the relevance of science education for young people currently underrepresented in scientific learning, research and careers?


This project will build understanding around the unique benefits of non-formal science learning activities and programmes in the wider context of science learning ecologies of young people. In particular, I want to investigate whether non-formal science education has the potential to act as a ‘way-in’ to science for those whom traditional formal scientific education might not best serve. If this is indeed found to be the case, the study will go on to critically assess the specific approaches and structures of the case study learning activities and programmes, in order to understand how these influence the impact on participants. The project will produce a detailed understanding of young people’s experience of science education, and how contributions outside the classroom can better support learning in schools by increasing the relevance of science for those who are currently underrepresented within it.

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First supervisor:

Melissa Glackin


6- Education, Mind & Society