Sarah Marks

Thesis title:

Women’s experiences of entrepreneurship in the context of East London


Sarah’s research project will investigate the factors that determine women’s ability to become entrepreneurs and maintain entrepreneurial activity in a sustainable and meaningful way in East London. Using a broadly interpretivist approach, her research will collect and analyse new empirical evidence drawn from in-depth interviews to demonstrate how the privileges and disadvantages related to intersecting social positions of gender, race and ethnicity, class and motherhood are experienced by female entrepreneurs in East London. It will use this evidence to explore the idea, often discussed in the context of developing economics, that entrepreneurship can lift women out of poverty.Sarah’s project will also link women entrepreneurs’ experiences and the creation of entrepreneurial identities to the space they inhabit and work in. A further premise to be explored is that when female entrepreneurship is located close to the home, or within the home it can act as a powerful agent of social and urban change.

First supervisor:

Mustafa Ozturk


5 – Work, Organisations & Business Management