Daniel Benson

Thesis title:

How does Chinese Official Development Assistance impact the Official Development Assistance efforts of traditional and other emerging donors?


China has experienced miraculous socioeconomic transformation in the last four decades, most readily seen through huge economic growth and unparalleled poverty alleviation. As part of this transformation, China has transitionedfrom a net recipient of Official Development Assistance (ODA), to that of a leading global ODA donor. Guided by different principles than those of traditionaldonors, Chinese ODA is fast becoming a predominant and alternative source of income, support and bilateral understanding for many developing countries. This trend has not gone unnoticed by the international community with many condemning the rise in Chinese ODA as ‘rogue’, self-interested and pursuing commercial motives, portraying China as a neocolonialist. Since the altruistic motive behind Chinese ODA has been frequently questioned, critical perspectives of ODA, its motives and the role of China are key to understanding global ODA and its efficacy. This adds impetus to the empirical study of competition among donors in foreign aid, especially with reference to the emergence of China as a key player in global ODA efforts. Such existing studies of this kind are limited and warrant further research. As such, my PhD aims to answer whether Chinese ODA crowds in or crowds out traditional and other emerging donors’ ODA; by what explicit function; which countries’ ODA efforts are most influenced by Chinese ODA distribution; whether the competition mechanism, if it exists, triggered by ODA efforts explicitly, foreign direct investment, bilateral trade or diplomatic relations; whether this competition mechanism, if it exists, stronger in sectors where Chinese ODA is most prevalent; and whether Chinese ODA efforts, or indeed that of other donors, target natural resource endowments in developing countries.

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First supervisor:

Yundan Gong


10- International Development, Conflict & Human Security