LISS DTP Monthly Newsletters

July 2022


  1. Important Update on Research and Event Funding Applications 
  1. New LISS DTP Director Announcement 
  1. Summer Social – Thank you to all who attended 
  1. Induction Social Event: Thursday 22nd September – Save the Date! 
  1. New External Internship Opportunities 
  1. Student Profile Website Updates 
  1. Supervision and Support Survey 
  1. Call for Papers: Doing IPS PhD Seminar Series (Deadline 10th July) 
  1. LISS Funded Artist’s Workspace Consultation Report Launch 
  1. New Student Led, Pathway Led, and Training Events  
  1. LISS DTP Student News & Podcast    
  1. LISS DTP Team over the Summer Weeks 




Please note that the deadline for all Research and Event Funding applications for 2021/2022 have now passed. LISS DTP have closed the online applications forms for this period. This includes applications for: RTSG, OIV, OFW, Internships, Student Led Activity Funding, and Pathway Lead Activity Funding. 

The online application forms for 2022/2023 will open and be available on the LISS DTP website from Monday 1st August. We will be using the next three weeks to review and tweak the application forms ready for the next academic year. 

Please note: the RTSG Application Form has already been updated for 2022/2023 and students can access this application form here. 

Research and Event Funding Applications Deadlines for 2022/2023: 

Further to the Student Forum in May, we are amending the deadlines for reviewing Research and Event Funding Applications in the 2022/2023..  

Applications will be reviewed on thefirst working Monday of January, April, June, and October. The only tweak to current processes is moving the July reviewing month to June. 



The Centre for Doctoral Studies and the Governing Council of the London Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Doctoral Training Partnership are pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Pietro Panzarasa from Queen Mary University of London as our new Director from the September 1st 2022.  

As Director, Pietro will provide leadership to the LISS DTP and will lead the partnership’s recommission process over the coming months, with a view to building on strengths of the partnership across the three institutional partners: King’s College London, Queen Mary University of London, and Imperial College. This is an exciting time for the LISS DTP as Professor Panzarasa’s appointment marks the first QMUL Director appointment for the DTP; we look forward to enhancing the collaboration under Pietro’s leadership.  

Professor Panzarasa is taking over leadership role from Professor Magnus Ryner, who has led the DTP for the last year. The Centre for Doctoral Studies and LISS DTP Governing Council would like to thank Magnus for his fantastic contribution and leadership of the DTP and his work to harmonise the three institutional partners’ contribution to the partnership.  

Appointment of new LISS DTP Director – LISS DTP ( 



Thank you to everyone who attended the LISS DTP Summer Social aboard the Pride of London and a big thank you to Cruise London for making the evening so delightful – especially those sharing platters!  

The views of London from the Thames were truly extraordinary.  



On Thursday the 22nd September we will be holding a drinks and canapes reception on the rooftop terrace of Coin Street Conference Centre following our Induction Day for the incoming cohort of LISS DTP students. All current LISS DTP students, supervisors, and Pathway Leads are invited to attend this social reception. Further information about this event will be circulated in our August newsletter.  



Several internship opportunities outside of LISS DTP have now been posted on our website.  

Please note the upcoming application deadlines in July.  

External Internship Opportunities – LISS DTP ( 



Thank you for your patience as we make our way through a backlog of requests to update student profiles on the LISS DTP website. We hope to have all existing update requests completed by the end of July.  

If you need your profile to be updated urgently due to upcoming applications, please contact us at for the attention of Sarah. 



You are invited to participate in a short survey for a research project which forms part of a wider piece of research around understanding how to support PhD students. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes, is completely voluntary, and on completion you’ll be entered into a raffle for a one in ten chance to win a £20 Amazon voucher (or you may opt in to donate this to a charity). You must be aged 18 or over, and be a current PhD student (or have graduated within the last three years) to take part.  

Please follow the link for more information and to participate in the survey:  

Qualtrics Survey | Qualtrics Experience Management 



Into its 5th year, the ‘Doing IPS’ PhD Seminar Series introduces graduate students to research inspired by International Political Sociology’s (IPS) commitment to challenge methodological and conceptual assumptions in their research disciplines, and ask new questions about transdisciplinary modes of inquiry. It will address the need for doctoral candidates to have a forum dedicated to IPS where they can: (1) present their work and receive feedback from peers and senior academics in the field; (2) engage with contemporary IPS research designs and debates; and (3) develop transdisciplinary and cross-institutional relationships with a view to facilitating further discussions and collaborations around common research themes. Lastly, the series will strengthen the analysis and evaluation skills of early career researchers. Please follow the link below for more information and instructions on how to submit a paper.  

Call for Papers: DoingIPS PhD Seminar Series (2022-2023) – Deadline 10 July 2022 — DoingIPS 



A report by Dr Rhian Scott at King’s College London and funded by Economic and Social Research Council/LISS-DTP has now been launched. Based on an in-depth qualitative consultation with over 30 stakeholders from across the creative sector and beyond (including arts organisations, land trusts, studio providers, local and regional authorities, academics and developers) the Artists Workspace Consultation Report gathers insights about the key challenges of affordable creative workspace provision in London and potential solutions to these challenges.  



Captivate Your Audience: Masterclass on Compelling Communication 

7th July 2pm – 6pm 

Join the Entrepreneurship Institute for a masterclass in compelling communication. Regardless of discipline, by honing your compelling communication skills, you will be able to convey your research effectively to any audience. This masterclass will provide you with the essential tools needed to differentiate yourself among fellowship funding applications and panel interviews, both in academia and outside of academia. 

Captivate Your Audience: Masterclass on Compelling Communication – LISS DTP ( 

Kindness in Research: Trauma Informed Perspectives (Conference) 

19th July 10am – 7pm 

Does your PhD or research involve or affect people who may have experienced violence, abuse or trauma? Whatever your discipline or background, join us for a free one-day conference to discuss how we can make sure our research supports healing and avoids harm. Everyone who comes gets a free gift to support you to implement trauma-informed research into your practice. 

Kindness in Research: trauma-informed perspectives – LISS DTP ( 

Mind the Gap: LGBTQIA+ research and community 

30th July 10:30am – 31st July 6pm 

Mind the Gap is a free, online conference on LGBTQIA+ research. Over two days, postgraduate researchers and community organisers present on around the world present on the work that they do in a variety of disciplines: from looking at LGBTQIA+ education, to media representation, to innovative and creative ways of community-building. Participation as an audience member is completely free, and open to people outside academia as well.  

Mind the Gap: A free, online, interdisciplinary PGR-focused conference on LGBTQIA+ research and community. – LISS DTP ( 

 ————————————————————————————————————————————11.  LISS DTP STUDENT NEWS, EXHIBITION, & PODCAST 

LISD DTP students and researchers have been very active throughout this academic year – delivering presentations, writing publications, receiving awards.  Keep up-to-date on what all LISS DTP students are up to on the ‘LISS DTP Student News’ page of the LISS DTP website.  

Current Postdoctoral fellow Dr Sara Dahlen had her research referenced in the New York Times: How Gender Neutral Language Is Shaping the Fight for Abortion Rights – The New York Times ( 

Vas Papageorgiou deposited a training resource for researchers interested in training members of the public in qualitative (interview-based) research methods. The resource is freely available to download and adapt – more information here: with the resource available to download here: It will be of interest to any other students who may be conducting participatory qualitative research. The training covers everything from research ethics and data management to interviewing skills and analysis. 

Academics at King’s College London, led by PhD researcher Lucy Meechan, invite you to attend a free exhibition, Indefinite Perception, to examine how visitors engage with artworks created by students at Winchester School of Art. The exhibition runs from June 27th- July 3rd. To view the exhibition and take part in this research, please follow this link: Indefinite Perception: King’s College London & Winchester School of Art Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite  

The newly launched Supervision Podcast  interviews social science PhD students about their research, why they did it, and their experience of studying for a PhD. The first season will feature students from across the LISS DTP. 

 ————————————————————————————————————————————12.  LISS DTP STAFF TEAM OVER THE SUMMER WEEKS 

The LISS DTP Team will be taking some annual leave over the summer weeks but we will be responding to emails in the LISS DTP inbox. Please be patient with us during this time, we will respond to your query as soon as possible. We hope you are all enjoying a bit of time off this summer as well!  


This newsletter is available on the LISS DTP website at: LISS DTP Monthly Newsletter – LISS-DTP   


Items for next newsletter: The LISS DTP team want to do more to help students disseminate information about events/activities they want to share with the rest of the cohort. If you have any items – Information and/or good news – to be included in our monthly newsletter, please send them to for the attention of Sarah Kiernan by the last day of the month to be included in the next newsletter. Be sure to include all details and we’ll include it in our next monthly circular! Newsletters will be sent in the first full working week of every month!