Pathway 3: Health, Biopolitics & Social Inequality (HBSI)

Pathway Leads:

Prof Diana Rose & Dr Carlo Caduff, King’s College London

Dr Tim Brown, Queen Mary University

Students in this thematic pathway will be part of internationally renowned communities for research on the social, geographical and bio-ethical dimensions of health across both King’s and Queen Mary. Research within this thematic pathway draws on research groups and expertise (including bioethicists, geographers, medical anthropologists, political scientists and sociologists. A defining feature of the pathway’s training will be to provide frameworks seeking social science explanations based on robust evidence with a view to informing ethically defensible social change and/or policy interventions that address harmful health inequalities and further the interests of public health at national, international and global levels in a context of changing biomedical technologies and interventions.

There are four training sub-pathways:

A. Ageing, Social Policy & Inequality: focuses on understanding the macro-social and political dimensions of ageing societies, how ageing is experienced by communities and populations, and policy formulation for an ageing world.

King’s College London

MSc Gerontology

MSc Ageing & Society

MA Public Policy & Ageing

B. Biopolitics & Global Health: identifies qualitative and quantitative aspects of global health priorities, the key drivers of global health inequalities, together with the politics, practices and ethics of the global health movement and security.

King’s College London

MSc Global Health & Social Justice

MA Global Ethics & Human Values

Queen Mary University of London

MRes Global Public Health & Policy

MRes Global Health Geographies

C. Medicine, Health & Public Policy: focuses on understanding how changes in biomedicine (such as pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, neuroscience etc.) affect health outcomes and public policy, and how governance and policy priorities shape medicine and health.

King’s College London

MSc Medicine, Health & Public Policy

MA Medical Ethics & Law

Queen Mary University of London

MRes Global Health, Law & Governance

D. Social Determinants, Health & Justice: analyses the relationships between social conditions, political and economic power, and capabilities for health within evaluative frameworks of ethics and justice.

King’s College London

MA Bioethics & Society

Queen Mary University of London

MRes Global Public Health & Policy

MRes Global Health Systems Theory & Policy