Pathway 12: Strategic, Regional, & Security Studies (SRSS)

Pathway Leads:

Prof Joe Maiolo, King’s College London

Dr Deeph Chana, Imperial College

Student Pathway Representative: Hannah Owens

Pathway mailing list:

The Strategic, Regional, & Security thematic pathways is led by King’s School of Security Studies in partnership with the Institute of Middle East Studies, and the King’s School of Global Affairs (especially the India Institute, China Institute and Russia Institute), together with Imperial College’s Institute for Security Science & Technology and Security Institute. The need has never been greater to understand the changing global security landscape, with the rise of Daesh, sophisticated terrorist attacks in Europe, the resurgence of Russia, Iranian nuclear ambitions, the increasing threat of cyber-attacks, and unprecedented population flows into the EU. The need to develop the UK social science base in security is reflected in the RCUK Partnership on Conflict, Crime & Security (PaCCS), the recent PaCCS on Conflict Research, and the creation of an ESRC-funded ‘National Centre for Research & Evidence on Security Threats’.

Training is delivered along five sub-pathways:

A. War Studies: investigates strategic thought and practice and the history of warfare to advance understanding of the origins, dynamics and transformations of war.

King’s College London

MA War Studies 

MA History of War

MA International Conflict Studies

MA International Peace & Security

MA Conflict, Security & Development

B. Intelligence & Cyber-Security: investigates the role of intelligence in international relations and in contexts of conflict and war. It enables interdisciplinary exploration of the new era of mass surveillance and cybersecurity.

King’s College London

MA Intelligence & International Security

C. Regional Security: focuses on international relations and area studies in the investigations of the origins and dynamics of regional conflicts, specifically in South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

King’s College London

MA Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies

MA Conflict, Security & Development 

MSc Russia in Global Systems

MSc China & Globalisation

MSc Global Affairs

D. Science & Security: explores the interface of science, technology and security policy. Focusing on weapons proliferation and the broader security agenda, the pathway provides training in policy analysis as this relates to technological innovation and proliferation.

Imperial College London

MSc Security and Resilience: Science and Technology

King’s College London

MA Science & International Security

E. Terrorism & Security: provides an interdisciplinary approach in the study of the dynamics and socio-political effects of terrorism and policies relating to counter-terrorism.

King’s College London

MA Terrorism, Security & Society