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December 2023



LISS DTP Newsletter      

December 2023      


  1. LISS DTP Winter Gathering 
  1. Spring 2024 Training Announcement 
  1. Funding application deadlines (RTSG, OIV, SLAF/PLAF etc) 
  1. LISS DTP ED&I Open Forum  
  1. LISS DTP Parents and Carers group   
  1. International Fellowships for Doctoral and Early Career Researchers 2024 
  1. NCRM winter training courses 
  1. Methods Excellence Workshops 
  1. Reimagining the Economy Through a Progressive Lens with Grace Blakeley  
  1. Queer Pages – Podcast about LGBTQ+ Books and Writing by LISS-DTP PhD Students 
  1. LISS DTP Achievements 

London Interdisciplinary Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership team wishes all PhD candidates, postdoctoral fellows, and supervisors a happy holiday season and new year! 


1.  LISS DTP Winter Gathering 

Hallo! It’s the final reminder, next week on Wednesday please arrive at 17:00 to see the research poster presentations. And stay for the festive treats and drinks! (alcoholic and non-alcoholic in plenty) 

All LISS DTP students are invited to attend our annual gathering on Wednesday December 13th from 17:00 in the Exchange space.  

Please register your attendance here


2.  Spring 2024 Training Announcement  


We are pleased to announce that you may register for the following LISS DTP Spring Term Training Courses from Tuesday 12th December 2023!   


Visit our website for course outlines, schedules, and Skillsforge registration links.   


3. Funding application deadlines (RTSG, OIV, SLAF/PLAF etc) 

Applications for funding are processed quarterly on the first working Monday of January, April, June and October. That means Monday 8th! Decisions will take up to 2 weeks after this deadline. LISS DTP reserves the right to limit reviewing out-of-cycle review requests, students should plan appropriately and submit their application for funding within the quarterly review periods. 

You can find Links to RTSG and OSFW application forms: here 

You can find SLAF and PLAF application forms: here 

You can Find a Link to OIV and other funding extension applications: here 


4. LISS DTP ED&I Open Forum 2nd February 2024 

The postponed LISS DTP ED&I Open Forum will now take place on February 2nd at 11:30 please register your attendance, and any questions you may have here. All questions submitted for the cancelled session will be addressed at the upcoming meeting. 


All LISS students are encouraged to attend and calendar invitations will follow registration.  


We hope to see you there!    


5. LISS DTP Parents and Carers group 

The Parents and carers group welcome any new members from the new cohort  

  • Building Resilience workshop for researchers who are parents/carers (4 sessions across November and December)  

Please let me know if you are interested in becoming a member of the group and attending the sessions. 


6. International Fellowships for Doctoral and Early Career Researchers 2024 

Apply for a funded fellowship 

ESRC-funded PhD students are eligible to apply to Library of Congress and must be applying to undertake primary research in an ESRC subject area. 

You will receive £1,000 for travel and visa costs and £1,925 for each month of the fellowship. You can apply for two to six months of funding. 

For more information including how to apply click here 


7. NCRM winter training courses 

The National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) has places available on more than 20 short courses over the next three months. 

The courses cover both qualitative and quantitative methods, and the majority are held online. Other topics include infographic design, creative methods and managing research projects with digital tools. 

The full course list is available here


8. Methods Excellence Workshops 

We are delighted to unveil the registration for the Konstanz Methods Excellence Workshops (Komex), presented by the University of Konstanz in collaboration with us (MethodsNET). This event is a unique opportunity for individuals seeking high-quality, pluralistic PhD-level methods training.  

Komex stands out for its commitment to excellence, inclusiveness, and sustainability, providing participants with state-of-the-art pedagogical principles and tools in a not-for-profit and highly affordable setting. Komex pride itself on maintaining an excellent ecological footprint, ensuring a responsible and impactful event. You can explore the diverse range of courses and secure your spot by register here, and stay updated on all things Komex by following them on X @komex_methods or on BlueSky 


9. Reimagining the Economy Through a Progressive Lens with Grace Blakeley 


Reimagining the Economy Through a Progressive Lens with Grace Blakeley is the first of a series of talks titled Reimagining Society Through a Progressive Lens- where leading experts, politicians, activist and celebrities from the Left communicate their vision about policy issues or lay out a roadmap on how to achieve meaningful reforms. The intention is to help build a community where progressive voices can come together and collaborate on issues that are important to them. 

For more information including how to sign up for the event please click here


10. Queer Pages – Podcast about LGBTQ+ Books and Writing by LISS-DTP PhD Students 

Queer Pages is a podcast about queer literature and how it represents queer lives, from the perspectives of two social researchers, Pippa and Filip. They are two friends who initially connected through their shared involvement in LGBTQ+ community organising. Pippa and Filip are both PhD researchers with a passion for social justice (and books). Having attended and organised the same LGBTQ+ book clubs, they decided to take it a step further and make a record of the discussion surrounding queer social justice in particular, which are prompted by so many great pieces of queer writing. 

You can listen to the podcast at: and follow their Instagram for updates:  


11.LISS DTP Achievements 

Farida Soliman has published a Registered report protocol in PLOS One: Perceptual effects of Arabic grammatical gender on occupational expectations in a gamified speech production task 

Read it here, super interesting. Well done Farida! 



This newsletter is available on the LISS DTP website at: LISS DTP Monthly Newsletter – LISS-DTP       


Items for next newsletter: The LISS DTP team want to do more to help students disseminate information about events/activities they want to share with the rest of the cohort. If you have any items – Information and/or good news – to be included in our monthly newsletter, please send them to for the attention of Cairn Macfarland by the last day of the month to be included in the next newsletter. Be sure to include all details and we’ll include it in our next monthly circular! Newsletters will be sent in the first full working week of every month!