Farida Butt

Thesis title:

Towards a critical understanding of the emergence, development and implementation of integrated care pathways for frail older people (CASE project with Age UK Lambeth, Age UK Lewisham & Southwark and the Health Innovation Network South London)


Integrated care pathways (ICPs) are ‘locally developed, multidisciplinary infrastructural technologies that map core interventions in a clinical trajectory and are simultaneously a workflow system and a record of care’ (Allen 2014: 808). ICPs have been widely used to improve quality and equity of care for patients with a range of health conditions. They have been proposed as a vehicle for clinical governance (Degeling et al 2005), embedding evidence-based guidelines into clinical practice (Allen 2014), and health care policy.Farida’s study will explore these issues in the context of ICPs for frail older people in Lambeth and Southwark, South London. Although a number of ICPs for frail older people are being developed, evaluated and commissioned locally in the UK, little is known about different stakeholders’ perspectives of the benefits, limitations and unintended consequences of ICPs, and the contexts shaping their development and implementation in practice.

First supervisor:

Jane Sandall

CASE partner:

Age UK


1 – Health Practices, Innovation & Implementation