Dewi Alexandra Delf

Thesis Title: Preventing vaccine nationalism during a pandemic: lessons from collective security

Abstract: Vaccines must be deployed equitably; to do so saves lives, ends the pandemic, and ensures justice, particularly for those living in low-income countries. This project explores to what extent international law is capable of compelling high-income nations to refrain from engaging in vaccine nationalism, and to act in a collaborative manner that prioritises collective security – in this case, vaccine equity – over their own national security and self-interest. It examines the extent to which notions of collective security, which have been successful in other international legal regimes, notably arms control, are applicable to the issue of vaccine nationalism.

First Supervisor: Mark Eccleston-Turner

Publications: Delf D, ‘The World Health Organisation and the Law of Treaties’ in McArdle. S & Switzer. S (eds),

Elgar Companion to the Law and Practice of the World Health Organization (accepted, in press) (Edward Elgar, 2021)

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Pathway: 13: PPPG

Cohort: 2023-24