LISS Research Assistant Internship-Policies for Circular Fashion

Currently, fashion is designed, produced, and consumed with a linear economy in mind, which is resulting in a significant negative environmental impact. In 2018, the global fashion industry produced around 2.1 billion tonnes of GHG emissions, equivalent to 4% of the global total. Based on the study “Circular business models – redefining growth for a thriving fashion industry” published in November 2021 by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF), circular business models for the fashion industry (resale, rentals, repairs, and remaking) could make up 23% of the global fashion market by 2030. However, there is currently no comprehensive circular economy policy framework for fashion in place to stimulate the development of the sector.

In collaboration with Ellen McArthur Foundation, this project will investigate the potential of different policies in shifting towards circular fashion and identify possible policy actions to strengthen circular growth. Policies for fashion are scattered across different areas of legislation, and little work has attempted to harmonise them into a common framework to encourage circularity. Policies hindering or supporting the development of circular business models within the fashion industry need to be

identified and solutions to overcome the barriers proposed.

By conducting this research, a framework will emerge to support policymakers and businesses in the development of regulations to stimulate the growth of circular business models within the fashion industry. The outcome will be a research manuscript that will be presented to relevant academic at conferences (e.g. Product Lifetimes And the Environment (PLATE) Conference) and to policy audiences including the Policy Research Unit at the EMF. The student will have an opportunity to train in academic writing and publishing as well as co-authoring within an interdisciplinary team.

For information and how to apply, please contact .Closing date for student enquiries: 15 December 2022