Pathway 6: Education, Mind & Society (EMS)

Pathway Lead:

Prof Lulu Healy, King’s College London

Student Pathway Representative: Sophie Perry

Pathway mailing list:

This pathway’s training and research is designed to inform and challenge policy and practice, and to help institutions, professionals, the general public and others critically reflect on, effectively engage with, and actively shape the processes that concern them. Current and recent research partners include: Department for Education, the Scottish Government, local authorities, NHS, Public Health England, the Health Foundation, Royal Pharmaceutical Society, Tate, US National Academy of Sciences, OECD, national and international scientific societies, science centres and museums, the Children’s Rights Alliance, UNESCO, EU trade union and employer federations, teachers, teacher associations, and teacher educators in the UK and overseas.

There are five training sub-pathways:

A. Education, Policy & Society: work in this sub-pathway draws on sociology, history, politics and policy analysis to illuminate global and local policy formations and effects.

King’s College London

MA Education, Policy & Society

MA Child Studies

MA International Child Studies

B. Language & Literacy Education: this sub-pathway is informed by a range of perspectives in applied linguistics and scholarship on the teaching and learning of language, literature and literacy.

King’s College London

MA Applied Linguistics & English Language Teaching

MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

C. Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Education: drawing on psychology, sociology and interdisciplinary perspectives, this sub-pathway addresses questions about curriculum, pedagogy and assessment, aspirations, attitudes and participation, and learning in formal and informal contexts.

King’s College London

MA Mathematics Education

D. Science & Health Communication: this sub-pathway seeks to enhance communication with the general public and improve public understanding of science and risk, health literacy and public advice, mental health, and conceptualisations of diseases, disorders and the body, by drawing on applied philosophy, linguistic theory, cognitive science and behavioural theory.

NB. +3 pathway only

E. Professional Change & Professional Development: configured around the intersection between humanities and social science scholarship and the workplace, this sub-pathway provides opportunities for reflexive and analytical engagement with the purposes of learning, personal and professional learning, management and leadership, and organisational cultures and values.

King’s College London

MA Education, Policy & Society

MA Education Management

MA Education Arts & Cultural Settings