Jesse Grainger

Thesis Title:

Pride and Prejudice? The Emergence of a Homosexuality-Inclusive Nativism across the European Union


The Populist Radical Right (PRR) is often associated with political positions discriminative against minority groups – most often targeting groups such as the queer community, immigrants, and ethnic minorities. The advancement of PRR parties has come at the challenge to liberal democratic values across both Europe, and the wider world. However, the new millennium has seen a divergent uprising in the PRR which retains nativist attitudes towards immigrants, immigration policy, and ethnic minorities (IIEM) yet adopts certain degrees of sexual-liberal positions on homosexuality.

My research aims to investigate this using a three-phase, mixed-methods research design to contribute homonativism as a framework for analysing this phenomenon. A qualitative content analysis of political party manifestos at both the national and European level aims to map the emergence of homonativism and analyse possible top-down mechanisms. Then, a quantitative longitudinal analysis of social attitudes will be conducted to investigate the possibility of a potential homonativist electorate as well as identify who this electorate is most likely to be formed of and analyse any possible bottom-up mechanisms. Lastly, semi-structured interviews with social movements and charity organisations will supplement the research to give a comprehensive documentation of the phenomenon.

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