Charlotte Bascaule

Thesis title:

Militarized national development in Brazil: origins and civil-military implications of the Brazilian military’s central role in domestic development activities.


In Brazil, the state has repeatedly turned to the military to handle domestic crises of socio-economic nature, granting it increasing influence over key national policy questions, including in matters of national development. Expanding the military’s responsibilities into a supporting role for national development, however, holds diverse implications for civil-military relations and policy-making as it relates to both security and development strategies. Therefore, this research project aims to investigate the nature of military involvement in domestic development activities in Brazil, explain the historical origins and evolutions of the military’s prominent involvement in this field, and assess its implications for civil-military relations and domestic understandings of development. Through the development of an interdisciplinary analytical model, examining historical processes of change and identifying direct and indirect causal relations between this phenomenon, domestic civil-military relations and conceptual thinking about development, this project would thus represent a necessary contribution to the production of a comprehensive interdisciplinary understanding of military involvement in Brazilian politics missing from the existing literature. We hope that the conclusions drawn from the research can help activate systemic change and raise public awareness in Brazil, while enriching analytical approaches to other countries experiencing military political overreach.

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First Supervisor:

Dr. Vinicius de Carvalho


Pathway 10: International Development, Conflict & Human Security