Caitlin Hogan

Thesis title:

Discursive Construction of Online Constellations: What can be learned from K- Pop Fans


Caitlin is a PhD student funded by a LISS-DTP CASE Studentship in partnership with the Korean Culture Centre – UK. Her work focuses on the sociolinguistics of digitally mediated interaction, fandom communities, linguistic ethnography, Korean popular culture and quantitative corpus methods. She is investigating the ways in which fan identity can shape language use and how fan-created social orders can influence, and be influenced by, language use. Her project involves both qualitative and quantitative methods, integrating discourse analysis, computational social network analyses and corpus linguistics.

Caitlin is a member of the Communications team at the Language in the Human Machine Era Research Network, the UKRI-funded Sociolinguistic Futures Between the UK and South Korea research network and has started a new network for those interested in researching around Korean popular culture.

Social Media:

Twitter – @CaitlingHogan

Website –

First supervisor:

Devyani Sharma


7-Linguistics, Media & Culture