Anna Goodden

Thesis Title: Rethinking flood resilience: from policy to practice. The case of flood risk management in England.


This project works with the Environment Agency to consider how to best maximise the impact of their resources to operationalise flood resilience strategies across England. These resources are unlikely to match the scale of investment required to protect communities against the increasing flood risk from climate change. Therefore, to understand how and where to focus the impact of flood governance projects, this project seeks to: (i) Provide a comprehensive definition of flood resilience. (ii) Quantify how social characteristics such as age, ethnicity, and income affect resilience. (iii) Translate these results about the theory of resilience into policy impact in England.

This will enable that flood risk management strategies are prioritised to support the communities in the greatest need of protection against flooding.

Primary Supervisor: Dr Francesca Vantaggiato and Dr James Porter

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