Dr Hannah Walters

School of Education, Communication & Society, King’s College London Email: hannah.1.walters@kcl.ac.uk

Mentor: Prof Sharon Gewirtz

Project title: Mapping the educational experiences of working-class girls through and beyond compulsory education

I will be building on my PhD work as part of this postdoctoral fellowship, which focused on the lives, experiences and identities of working-class young women and girls engaged in beauty education. This will involve disseminating findings via both academic and non-academic pathways through: writing academic journal articles; writing for non-academic and general interest audiences via blogs and media articles; engaging with campaigning/third sector/policy groups; and holding a number of events, both as a means to facilitate scholarly debate and exchange, and to engaging with stakeholders beyond the academic community.

Alongside the above activities I will be continuing to develop my expertise in feminist, participatory and creative research methods through running workshops around these themes and conducting further empirical work with working-class teenage girls in their final years of school.