Dr Hannah Walsh

Department of Addictions, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neurosiences, King’s College London

Mentor: Dr Deborah Robson

Project title: A roadmap to a toolkit: Exploring intervention opportunities to address tobacco and cannabis co-use in the Further Education sector

For my PhD research, I used mixed methods to collect data from young adults about their tobacco and cannabis use, experiences and attitudes towards quitting, or reducing either or both. Tobacco and cannabis are commonly used together, by young adults, but there are few treatment options which consider both substances together. My research highlighted the different risk perceptions of each, and indicated potential routes for intervention to support young adults to make informed choices, practice harm reduction or make a quit attempt. 

My ESRC post-doctoral fellowship provides the opportunity to develop further links with the Further Education sector, to better understand how they address tobacco and cannabis use. I chose to recruit participants from Further Education colleges as they offer a diverse student population, course range and a focus on the local community, and are not often used for young adult focussed health research. The fellowship provides the chance to disseminate the findings of my PhD and to explore intervention opportunities with both staff and students. Alongside this, I will publish and present my PhD findings to academic audiences. 

Please get in touch if you are interested in tobacco and cannabis research, and/or in Further Education research.