Dr Estelle Marks

Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London. Email:

Mentor: Prof Benjamin Bowling

Project title: Policing the European Arrest Warrant: An Empirical Study of a Transactional Policing Tool

My research explores the police role in the operation of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW). It is the product of extensive field research which took place in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland (all three legal jurisdictions in the UK), as well as Ireland, Poland and Spain. The work theorises the EAW as a transnational policing tool, as well as a tool of judicial cooperation, which is how it is popularly conceived. By mapping the complex police processes involved in issuing, receiving and executing warrants the research demonstrates that the police play a crucial role and argues that conceptualising the EAW as a policing tool offers a more complete view of the system. My work contributes to transnational policing theories adding much needed empirical evidence to develop descriptive accounts of the complex and overlapping power structures that characterise the cross-border policing field. The core aim of this fellowship is to disseminate my research findings within academia and build upon work done during my PhD to maximise the impact of my research on both national and European criminal justice policy and law enforcement practice. This will be pursued through a programme of stakeholder engagement, publications and academic conferences.