Educating in an Environmental Emergency

Contact: John Owens


Department: Education, Communication and Society

Institution: King’s College London

Project timeline: February – April 2024

Project duration: 13 weeks

Closing date: 11/12/2023

Expertise required:

  • Subject knowledge of critical environmental studies and
    education studies.
  • To be approachable, a team player, who is able to work in
    a supportive manner with MA alumni/ students and coeditors.
  • Who is flexible in their approach and keen to develop
    student’s writing and thinking.
  • Who is willing to listen and see other student’s
    perspectives and support them to develop their thinking,
    even when different from their own views.

Project description: This internship will have three foci: i) to support the development of an external funding bid through the arranging the collection and preliminary analysis of qualitative pilot data; ii) contributing to a shared book project inspired by research studies completed, and on-going, related to Environmental Education; iii) commenting on draft chapters for a new textbook entitled Environmental Crisis and Society: A Critical Introduction.

The will be achieved by:

1) Contributing to the research project bid entitled “Educating in an Environmental Emergency: Developing higher education pedagogy and practice for a just and sustainable future” that aims to investigate and support the capabilities of Higher Education educators to embed understanding of and concerns about the environmental crisis in their teaching practices. The intern will be required to assist with the collection of pilot data by helping prepare research instruments, prepare ethics approval and recruitment documents, contacting and coordinating with participants, helping to conduct interviews and/or focus groups, and undertaking some preliminary analysis of data.

2) Contributing to coordinating a short book project, inspired by research studies completed, and on-going, related to Environmental Education, by MA in STEM Education and PhD candidates from the Centre for Research in Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The book will be written in an accessible and explorative style, that is distinct from students’ theses. Each chapter will also be accompanied by illustrations.

3) Contributing to reviewing draft chapters for a new textbook written by Dr John Owens entitled Environmental Crisis and Society: A Critical Introduction.

Description of work involved: The student will assist with:
1) Drawing up a schedule for interviews and focus groups;
2) Supporting an application for ethical approval and preparation of recruitment documents;
3) Contacting participants and arranging interviews and/or focus groups;
4) Conducting interviews and/or focus groups and collecting qualitative data;
5) Preliminary analysis of qualitative data;
6) Coordinating with chapter authors and reviewing submitted chapters;
7) Commenting on draft book chapters;

Student benefits:

  • Experience of research design
  • Experience of planning and coordinating a research project
  • Developing editing skills
  • Developing communication skills with emergent/ early career authors/ academics
  • Have a publication (named as co-editor)