Ryan O’Shea

Thesis title:

Sustainability and The Bioeconomy: designing an economic model for the bioeconomy to achieve sustainable development.


The complexity of 21st century socio-economic and environmental challenges is increasing, both in terms of scale and interconnectivity. As a result, the magnitude of issues present is amounting to new levels and making it increasingly more difficult to resolve. The bioeconomy has been proposed as the next economic transition to reconcile these issues present. However, to achieve the aims set out by this concept, sustainability must be at its core.This project aims to design an economic model for the bioeconomy, with sustainability as its output. In this, novel policies can be designed away from just a single objective, such as GDP growth, towards a more integrative assessment on the intended outputs from policy. In using a systems approach, the project also aims to recognise the interactive relationship between the environment and socio-economic activity. In particular, the consequences of bioeconomic activity in the Global North or Global South.

First supervisor:

Alexandra Collins


9 – Political Ecology, Energy & Environmental Health