Sarah King (Court-Brown)

Thesis title:

Mapping Equality in the UK Constitution


Sarah’s thesis aims to map equality within the UK constitution, against the usual view that equality is not a constitutional principle. The hypothesis behind her research is that equality plays multiple, overlapping roles within the UK constitution. Sarah aims to assist scholars and practitioners to understand equality and the UK constitution better. If her research hypothesis is proven, this may also entail the maintenance of certain equality protections as a matter of UK constitutional law going forwards, which could prove significant when the UK equality framework is reconsidered after Brexit.
Onna Malou Van den Broek
Blurring the Lines: A Quantitative Study of the Dynamic Interplay Between Lobbying & Corporate Social Responsibility
Firms are increasingly involved in political activities around social issues (Peterson & Pfitzer 2009). These activities suggest a certain degree of interaction between lobbying, or in other words Corporate Political Activities (CPA), and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), evoking questions of whether there is a trade-off between pursuing CSR and CPA. Explanations have far-reaching consequences for the scope of CSR and CPA practices, and bear political and social implications. Understanding the role of corporations in society is especially important in the new area of governance modes beyond the state. This understanding can lead to an increased level of accountability and transparency (Bernhagen & Patsiurko 2014: 1-2). While a growing number of studies have started to explore the link between CPA and CSR (Bernhagen & Patsiurko 2014; den Hond, Rehbein, Bakker & Lankveld 2014; Mellahi, Frynas, Sun & Siegel 2016), no research has explained their interaction in a comprehensive manner. Onna’s research aims to fill this gap by systematically analysing the dynamic interplay between CPA and CSR. These insights lead to the following research question: “When, how, to what extent, and with what effect is there a dynamic interplay between CSR issues and CPA activities?” Onna will start by using the resource-based theory to explain any trade-offs and look at the antecedents and effects of (mis/non)alignment. Furthermore, she will focus on heterogeneous institutional- and societal pressures as explanatory determinants of the dynamic interplay between CSR and CPA.


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Sarah has practical experience of fighting equality and constitutional law cases – she previously practised public law as a solicitor at two firms (Baker & McKenzie and DAC Beachcroft) and she is currently a consultant in the Public & Regulatory team at Bates Wells.

First supervisor:

Kate Malleson


13 – Politics, Public Policy & Governance




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