Student-led Cohort Activity Funding

LISS DTP invites applications from PhD students and staff at any of our three partner institutions for funding to support interdisciplinary events. To qualify for funding, your event must:

  1. Involve at least 1 LISS DTP funded student as an organiser.  Please see a list of our current funded cohort here.
  2. Be student-centred (primarily organised by and/or for students).
  3. Be interdisciplinary, which we define as ‘of interest to students in at least 3 of our 13 Thematic Pathways’. We particularly encourage bids for events that address one of our 5 Thematic Areas.
  4. Be accessible to students from all 3 institutions.
  5. Be open to all LISS DTP affiliated students (although priority may be given to LISS DTP funded students if enrolment needs to be capped for resource reasons).

Activities eligible for funding can include one-off events like a workshop or conference, or recurring events like reading groups, seminar series, etc. We encourage innovative and imaginative proposals.


Applications are due 8 February 2018 by 5pm, and will be considered by the Committee of LISS DTP Student Representatives + the Director of Training and Cohort Development. We can consider bids for up to £3000, however we may decide to award partial funding in some cases in order to best make use of available resources. We anticipate making a 2 calls for bids each year.

Application form [Doc] [PDF]