Our Training Programme

Welcome to the LISS DTP Programming page. Here you will find information and guidance on the training we offer, such as reading groups led by students and/or academics and short courses, spanning areas such as:

  • social theory and epistemology
  • quantitative methods
  • qualitative methods
  • digital methods
  • archival research
  • knowledge transfer & co-generation methodologies

We are open to PhD students using social science methodologies in their research who are also enrolled at King’s College London, Queen Mary University of London, or Imperial College London. We ask interested students to complete our registration page, commit to attending the courses onto which they enrol, and give us feedback on their experience once the course is over.

You will find a list of courses that we are likely to run this year in our handbook. The 2018-19 handbook will be published at the end of August 2018. For a definitive list of courses running in each term, we recommend you bookmark this page since we will add new courses throughout the academic year. Below, you will find course outlines arranged by term.

You can find answers to our most commonly-asked questions here on our FAQs page. If you have a question that is not answered on the FAQs page, please do get in touch with the administrative team at liss-dtp@kcl.ac.uk.

Finally, please connect with us via social media. You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. All registered students will receive a curated bi-monthly newsletter with information on one-off events, new courses, and activities from all three institutions.

Current Students

All of our courses should be booked through our online booking system called ‘SkillsForge‘. If you are a student at Queen Mary or Imperial, you will only get access to the system after you sign up here. King’s students should log into the system using their ‘K’ number and password, as for their email account. All courses have a reference number starting ‘LISS’ and that reference can be found on course outlines. Please quote the reference number if you email us about a course.

Booking Periods in 2018-19

Our courses are available on a first come, first served basis. Booking periods open termly, i.e., you can only book onto autumn term courses during autumn term.

Courses will open for booking for autumn term on Friday 28 September 2018; spring term courses will open for booking on Monday 10 December 2019; and summer term courses will open for booking on Monday 01 April 2019.

Autumn Term Courses

LISS001 Research Design

LISS001B Research Ethics & Your Doctoral Project (King’s students only)

LISS002 Reviewing the Literature

LISS003 Philosophy of Social Science Updated

LISS219 Case Study Methodology

LISS228a Voices of experience – Doctoral fieldwork in developing and transitional countries

LISS235 Ethnography in Health Research – Reading Group

LISS238 Social Network Analysis

LISS326 Researching Digital Texts with Corpus Software

Spring Term Courses

LISS004 Introduction to Qualitative Research

LISS211 Understanding History – How the past is constructed

LISS218 Comparative Case Studies

LISS232 Qualitative Data Analysis (details coming soon)

LISS235 Ethnography in Health Research – Reading Group



LISS250 Intermediate Quantitative Analysis with SPSS & Process – Mediation & Moderation

LISS313 Visual Methodologies (now running in summer term due to strike)

LISS340 Performativity of Methods

LISS341 Triangulating Interview Data

LISS342 How to make a film with no idea about filmmaking

Summer Term Courses

LISS004 Introduction to Qualitative Research – Summer Term

LISS005 Introduction to Quantitative Research

LISS032 Design & Evaluation of Complex Interventions

LISS201 Concept Formation

LISS210 London – Migration, Diversity & Integration

LISS213 Feminist Methods

LISS221 Elite Interviews

LISS227 Ethnography Workshop

LISS232 Qualitative Data Analysis Not running this academic year

LISS235 Health Ethnography – Reading Group

LISS240 Use of QALYS

LISS242 Data Management & Manipulation

LISS244 Panel Data

LISS245 Structural Equation Modelling on MPlus

LISS246 Foundations of Survey Design

LISS247 Time Series Econometrics & Dynamic Panels

LISS248 Regression Using Categorical Dependent Variables – An introduction using STATA

LISS249 Econometric Methods for Causal Inference

LISS309 Researching Vulnerable Populations

LISS313 Visual Methodologies

LISS319 Peace, Conflict, Quantitative Research & Big Data Not running this academic year

LISS323 Producing Research Podcasts

LISS328 Ethics of Clinical Research Not running in 2017-18

LISS336 Language, (In)security & Everyday Practice

LISS339 Deconstructing as Method for Political Analysis

LISS343 The Colonial Question through Theory and Method

LISS344 Designing and using Focus Groups

LISS345 The Contribution of Ethnography in Implementation Science